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Is this you?

Geoff was passed over for a promotion

Twenty years ago, Geoff Doidge was the classic public servant.

He was stuck in a dreary job, on a dreary salary with little prospect of advancement.

Each day,  he'd fight the traffic just to spend eight long hours with a bunch of unmotivated and
complaining colleagues all stifled by the "public service mentality".

He was drowning in a sea of boredom and frustration.

When he was overlooked for promotion it was time to get out.

During a lunch break,  he borrowed a book on property investing from the public library.  It stirred an
awakening  inside him.

Being careful and conservative, Geoff set out to learn as much about real estate as he could.

He devoured books, talked to experts, befriended real estate agents and worked on overcoming his fear of failure.

Finally, he took the plunge and bought his first investment property. Then,  he bought another and another and another.

He is financially free with time to do anything he wants. He loves life. His only regret is that he took so long to take the first step.


Paul Eslick was absolutely fed up with his job as the manager of a hardware store.

He slaved long hours - his lunch break and weekends belonged to the boss - and he was paid a pittance.

Paul was stuck on a treadmill.

By the time he had reached middle age Paul had paid off his house, but had little else to show
for 20 years of hard slog.

The only person who'd gotten rich from his efforts  was his boss.

So, one day Paul decided to put his handyman skills to work. He borrowed against his home and
used the money for a deposit on an investment property. He took a month off work to renovate and sell it.

That's when his life changed forever.

The revelation was a call to action.

Paul resigned from his job and went on to build a property portfolio worth millions of dollars.
Along the way, he mastered the art of cosmetic renovation.

He teamed up with Geoff Doidge to form the Reno Kings and together they created a property investing system which not only continues to make them rich but has also set many others on the road to financial freedom.

Working at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, you'll learn:
  • The clever six-step Re.B.A.T.E.S. formula used by the Reno Kings to build their wealth
  • 5 powerful research strategies to help you identify a great investment property
  • How to avoid paying too much for a property
  • How to increase the value of a property in weeks not years
  • How to reduce the risks of buying and renovating
  • How to determine what you should spend on a renovation.
  • The single renovation strategy that can save you thousands of dollars and really boost the value of your property
  • More than a hundred low cost cosmetic renovation strategies to add immediate value and increase the rent
  • How to carefully plan your renovation expenses, set a budget and stick to it
  • How to assess a building report to determine if you can turn problems to profits
  • How to assess trade quotes and accurately estimate costs
  • How to manage your time and money for maximum profit
  • How to protect your profits by identifying " invisible money suckers"
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Cosmetic Renovation you must avoid at all costs
  • Finance strategies
  • How to build a significant property portfolio
  • How one investor made $64,000 in four weeks and increased the rent by 83%  
  • How an investor made $260,000 in six months in the middle of the GFC
  • How an investor made $125,000 as soon as he signed the contract.


Audra and Darryn Tracy built a property portfolio worth $4 million dollars in just two years.

It earns $12,000 a month in rent.

Audra says she learnt a lot from the Reno Kings' Renovation Success Home Study Course.

 "It was great value and no matter how many times I go back over it, I pick up more valuable tips for the next renovation giving us even more value adding potential"

Audra Tracy



“If you want to build your own empire - you need the  tools, vision, skills and understanding. The Reno Kings will give you all of that.”



" I’ve  renovated a little house I bought following the principles I learned from the Reno Kings.

" I took my time because I was living in it but, six months later,  I’ve just been given a valuation $110,000 above what it cost me.   With a reno expense of only $25,000, that’s a clear (tax free) profit of $85,000.

“I’m a single woman who had no building or renovating experience. I was straight out of a nasty and expensive divorce and was looking for a way to get back on top of things financially. It seems to have worked splendidly.

Your workshop really made a big difference and was well worth the investment. I learned where to spend my money and how to do it as cheaply as possible. No one can believe what I achieved for the money I spent. I will move onto my next project with a lot more confidence.



"I have been interested in property renovation for years and although my husband said he was interested it was only half hearted.

" I decided to go ahead without him and do the Reno Kings' home study course.

" I Started watching the videos and found them full of useful information. - too much to convey verbally to him. So, I sat him down with me to watch the videos..... well, the spark was lit!

"Learning how to do it in a structured way may have given him confidence but, what I think did the trick was watching others.

"He sat glued to the computer taking in every word - he was very impressed and kept saying "I can do that. That's easy". When we watched one video, I'd say do you want to watch the next one and he'd give a genuine enthusiastic "YEP". I was astounded. He was really interested.

" I have to congratulate the Reno Kings - you have succeeding in doing something I couldn't do and that is TURN HIM ON."



"You guys rock.

"I've been wanting to go down the property renovation path for quite some time now, but have always hesitated because of the lack of detailed knowledge about how to move forward.

No more. Your Renovation Success course has changed all that.  I know that I've still got a lot to learn, but I also know that I'm now equipped with enough knowledge to get on with tackling an investment renovation, and avoiding the major pitfalls.

"The Renovation Success course has armed me with the practical knowledge and wisdom that so many property investment related books fail to provide.

Thanks guys.



"I work full time and sometimes long hours, so the course has given me the flexible learning opportunity to view the course notes, DVD's and listen in or listen later to the teleconferences in my own time.

"I have found the information very useful and inspiring and all the little tips along the way from the guest speakers are an added bonus."



""I am really enjoying the course. Even more than I thought I would."

Two of the best elements for me are the ability to ask questions. I feel very safe in asking questions allowing me to work through the hesitations I have and those fear based concerns I have.

"The other big thing for me is that it is over 5 weeks and there is a lot of motivation involved in each week being focused and looking at it and I am really, really enjoying that.


Order the Renovation Success Home Study Course now
and begin mastering the skills and strategies
which turned two forty-year-old failures into multi-millionaires
and helped many others achieve their dreams.

You will receive:



Twenty-three  videos separated into 5 modules.  Each module guides you step by step towards becoming a successful property investor.

• You'll start with research strategies to help you find the perfect renovator at the right price.
• You'll be shown how to increase the value of a property with proven renovation strategies.
• You'll learn how to get a renovation done quickly and for the lowest cost.
• You'll learn tricks new investors need to know and the traps to avoid
• You'll see what other investors are doing and how they are making money.
• You'll learn how to think like a successful investor and make money like a successful investor.

coaching calls

Each module is supported by a pre-recorded coaching call which can accessed online or downloaded to an MP3 player for later listening.

In each coaching call Paul, Geoff and a host of experts update you on the latest strategies and developments in the property market.

Each module comes with a workbook which summarises the videos and shows you where to find more resources.  They are downloaded directly to your computer in PDF format.

“116 ways to Add Value”
“The Investor’s Guide to Quick and Easy Renovations”
"The Seven Deadly Sins of Renovation"

Free live workshop

By enrolling in the Renovation Success Home Study Course you will also receive a bonus DVD pack containing more than 14 hours of presentations by some of Australia's leading property experts.

These presentations were recorded at the Reno Kings'  last live renovation workshop, Bootcamp by the Beach.

Here are some of the amazing presentations you'll see:

  • From 0 - $27m 
    Geoff Doidge's engaging journey from failed public servant to multi-millionaire. Learn from his mistakes and achieve the same results.
  • How to find a great deal
    Professional property buyer Justin Eslick  show you his secrets for finding a great investment property.  He demonstrates skills you can put to use right now.
  • The art of negotiating a great deal
    Solicitor and author Rob Balanda reveals how to use the law to your advantage when buying property and some of the traps you should avoid.
  • How to identify profitable property
    John Edwards of Residex will tell you where to look for your next investment property.
  • How to create a killer kitchen
    Paul Eslick shows why you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to provide your tenants with a kitchen they love.
  • How to create an ab-fab bathroom
    Paul's  quick, easy and low cost tips for transforming a  daggy old loo.
  • How to make $116,000 in 8 weekends - Investors Cale and Andrew Edwards  explain their incredibly successful and easy to follow strategy for making big profits.
  • The valuation catapult
    Professional valuer Brigid Chapma, shows you how to get the best valuation possible for your investment property, so you can buy another.
  • Renovating units and terraces
    Experienced investor Melissa Morgan shows you how to make money renovating small units and terrace houses.
  • Bling on a budget
    Interior designer Karen Devereau reveals the special touches that will turbo-charge the value of your investment and  make the tenants want to pay more rent?
  • Do the twist
    Justin Eslick shows you how to extract the greatest profits from a property by subdivision and building to rent.
  • How to get the bank to say yes
    Finance expert  Brad Oliver reveals strategies to convince the bank manager to say yes.
  • Renovate and Rent it Fast!
    Geoff Doidge has the full bottle on how to keep income flowing from your rental properties.
  • 40 Little bits that save you lots
    Paul Eslick's top tips for saving money during the renovation and getting the job done with lightening speed.

We are entirely convinced that

We are utterly convinced our course is worth much more than its cost; that our proven wealth building strategies work and you will be completely satisfied with the training.

However, if within 60 days of buying the Renovation Success Home Study Course you decide for whatever reason that you are unsatisfied with the purchase you can ask for your money back we'll give it to you.

That’s Right.  A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

No Questions.

Don't let another opportunity pass you buy.

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